Recently we have successfully completed two multi-million dollar Gas Turbine installations: one in Mexico and one in the US.

A large paper mill company contracted us to move their existing Gas Turbine and heat recovery boiler from their Chicago facility to their facility in Uruapan Mexico. We utilized local workers in both of these countries with us providing management and special knowledge skills. We were responsible for the decomissioning and remediaton of of the Chicago site, the transport of the cogen unit and the installation, commission and training of local staff at Uruapan. One of the challenges of the project was to create a building that would house the equipment and still be suitable for operation within an earthquake zone. While the new building was being erected, the Gas Turbine, heat recovery boiler and balance of plant equipment were refurbished.

We designed and manufactured a new system that included an HMI for monitoring the Gas Turbine - and a PLC based control system with HMI for the boiler.

We have also just completed the installation of two LM2500 Gas Turbine units for a utility company in Charleston, South Carolina. Orbital Energy was the primary engineering contractor for this project. We managed the inspection, purchase, removal, transportation (one from Canada and one from Louisiana, USA) to Charleston, reassembly, balancing, commissioning and performance testing for the power plants.

The main challenge of this project was that the second unit had been disassembled in 1999 without any records for the reassembly process. Our engineering team had to produce procedures for the complete reconstruction of the unit for the local contractors to follow. During the reconstruction it was discovered that a number of the pieces had gone missing over the years in storage. Orbital Energy re-engineered these pieces and successfully integrated them into the existing design.

We have also completed projects in Canada, Trinidad, Brazil, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, England and an oil rig in the North Sea. Our projects have covered remanufacturing obsolete equipment, new control systems, upgrading equipment, turnkey installations, rectifying Gas Turbines with exisiting faults and much more.