Servicing & Maintenance

Orbital Energy provides a number of Gas Turbine maintenance services, ranging from borescope inspection to turbine testing. Our service representatives are trained and highly experienced in inspection, fault diagnostics and failure investigation.

We carry out routine maintenance schedules on many different types of Gas Turbine.

In the event of  Gas Turbine failures our specialists can help diagnose the cause of the failure and potentially provide solutions.

Our representatives are also available to provide independent witnessing of engine tests and refurbishments around the world, to ensure the customers standards are adhered to and that their best interests are looked after.

Orbital Energy service personnel are equipped to conduct borescope inspections of Gas Turbines to ensure the continued smooth running of your existing equipment. The borescope (similar to a medical endoscope) is a fibre optic camera that can be inserted into the inspection points of the Gas Turbine and used to conduct a survey of the condition of the turbine blades for deterioration/pitting and foreign object damage.

These inspections can detect potential problems before they cause damage to the engine and should be carried out routinely as specified in the Gas Turbine's maintenance schedule.