Equipment Sourcing

Sourcing equipment to customers requirements can be much more involved than you would expect.

The ideal Gas Turbine may well have been identified, only to find that delivery on a new one would have a significant delay on the project completion.

A fully refurbished one can be aquired but engineering work will need to be undertaken to match the turbine exhaust to the planned placement for the heat recovery boiler.

Another one with the correct exhaust outlet is found but it needs an updated control system.

We could get a larger model new from an OEM to match the timelines needed within the project,  but in order to operate the Gas Turbine at peak efficiency, this would mean that we would have to be able to sell electrcity back to the grid. If we no longer purchase any electrcity from the utility company, how do we cover supply when the installed turbine has to go down for maintenance? The utility may want to sell the capacity that the company was using before installing the gas turbine.

We can help with sizing the system correctly, identifying what options are available for the client, negotiating with the OEM or refurbished unit seller, performing inspections on equipment and managing its delivery to the customer site.

There can also be a significant amount of work in sourcing the balance of plant required to meet the customers system requirements. Gas supply pressure may need to be boosted, a suitable water supply system may need to be designed and installed to produce steam, black start capability might be required, transformers, switchgear and generator protection might need to be installed.

We are able to provide a turnkey solution for the customer and able to utilize our indepth experience to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.